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The Always Lowest Guaranteed program is available in: Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Yorkton. For more information, click here.

Aveeno Hand & Body Lotion 532mL
Degree Deodorant 48-85g
Dove Aerosol Deoderant 107g
Dove Body Wash Total 400ml
Dove Shampoo & Conditioner 355ml
Bananas kg
Russet Potatoes 5lb
Small Gala Apples kg
Purex Bathroom Tissue 12pk
Sponge Paper Towels 6pk
Tide Laundry Detergent 2.04L-2.21L
Western Family Bathroom Tissue D12
Natural Whole Almonds – Unblanched 100g
Peanuts – Blanched 100g
Peanuts – Flavoured 100g
Roasted Cashews 100g
Walnuts 100g
Breyers Creamery Ice Cream – (Black) 1.66L
Delissio Pizza (Rising Crust) 519-888g
Green Giant Frozen Vegetables 750g
Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine Single Entree 212-340g
Blue Diamond UHT Milk Products 946ml
Kettle Chips 170-220g
Nature’s Path Cereal 650-907g
Old Dutch Potato Chips 255g
Uncle Ben’s Bistro Rice 240-250g
Huggies Diapers 96-148pk
Huggies Pullups 32-42pk
Pampers Giant Pack 72-148pk
Campbell’s Chunky Soup 540ml
Hershey Chipits 200-300g
Rogers White Sugar 4kg
Floral Bouquet each
Catelli Dry Pasta 900g
Classico Pasta Sauce 650ml
Heinz Ketchup 750ml -1L
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 750-890ml
Knorr Sidekick Pasta 112-150g
Kraft Macaroni Original Dinner 225g
Kraft Peanut Butter 1kg
Kraft Pourable Dressings 475ml
A&W/Canada Dry/Sprite 12pk 12x355ml
Coke/Canada Dry 20pk 20 Pack
Coke/Canada Dry/Sprite 12pk Fridgemate 12x355ml
Pepsi or 7-Up 15pk 15x355ml
Pepsi, 7-Up & Schweppes 12pk 12x355ml
Nestle Pure Life Natural Spring Water 24X500ml
Tetley Tea Bags 144pk
Tim Horton’s Premium 930g
Western Family Soft Drinks 2L
Seasoned Chicken Drumsticks 2kg
Western Family Bacon 375g
Western Family Filled Pasta 600-700g
Ground Beef Pork Blend /kg
Pork Side Ribs /kg
Fresh Baked Cookies 12pk
Fresh Baked Bagels 6pk
Opti-Free Replenish Twin Pack 2x300ml
Tylenol Ex-Strength 100 pack 100s
Christie Oreo Cookies 170-303g
Christie Triscuit Crackers 200g
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 180-227g
Heinz Canned Baked Beans 398ml
Saputo Cheese Slices 160g or 200g
Saputo Cheese Slices 160g or 180g
Sliced Ham 100g
Wild Coldwater Shrimp 200g
Cesar’s Dogfood 100g
Dawn Dish Liquids 479-573ml
Purina Fancy Feast Luxury Canned Cat Food 85g
General Mills Cheerios 525-778g
Kellogg’s Froot Loops Jumbo Cereal 825g
Kellogg’s Mini Wheats Jumbo Cereal 1200g
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Jumbo Cereal 1150g
Kellogg’s Special K /Vector Cereal 305-435g
Kellogg’s Vector Jumbo Cereal 850g
Motts Clamato/Garden Cocktail 1.89L
Nature Valley Trail Bars 160-175g
Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail 6X295ML/1.89L
Sunrype Juices 1L
Becel Margarine 454-907g
Dairyland Skim, 1%, 2% Milk 4L
Dairyland Homo Milk 4L
Danone Activia Yogurt 650g
Danone Oikos 4pk
International Delight Coffee Whitener 946ml
Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese 600-650g
Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese 600-650g
Kraft Cream Cheese (flavoured) 227-250g
Kraft Cream Cheese (plain – soft & brick) 227-280g
Kraft Processed Cheese Slices – Singles 450g
Olympic Krema Yogurt 500g
Silk Almond Beverage 1.89L
Simply Orange Juice 1.54L
Western Family Large Eggs DOZEN
WF Salted Butter 454g
Colgate Toothpaste 75-130ml