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Williams Lake
730 Oliver Street
Williams Lake, V2G 1N1
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Reserve Pickup Timeat Williams Lake

Williams Lake

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Williams Lake
730 Oliver Street
Williams Lake, V2G 1N1
British Columbia
(250) 392-7225
Everyday 08 AM-10 PM


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The Vileda 3 Action Broom Cleans all Dirt Effectively in One Sweep, even in Difficult Places such as Edges and Corners.
Vileda - 3 Action Broom, 1 Each
$9.89was $10.99
Wring your mop perfectly with minimal effort. 10 L graduated elongated oval-shaped bucket. Designed specifically for the Super Twist mop, but also a great choice for other Vileda string mops.
Vileda - Quick Wring Pail, 1 Each
Limited Edition Only While Quantities Last.  100% Microfiche Mop for Deep Cleaning.
Vileda - Vileda Easy W Rng Spn Mop/Bckt Sstm, 1 Each
$34.99was $44.99
Efficient on all floor typesSuper Dry Sponge.  Ideal for All Hard Surfaces. Fits on all Vileda Bee Mops.
Vileda - Bee Mop Refill Classic, 1 Each
Clean your toilet fast and effectively, then store your brush neatly and close at hand with the Vileda Powefibres Toilet Brush with caddy.  Flexible, ergonomic handle. Antibacterial bristles.
Vileda - Powerfibers Toilet Brush with Caddy, 1 Each
Strong, flexible and odourless rubber.Ergonomic handle design
Vileda - Plunger, 1 Each
The Best Selling Broom in Canada Bristles are made with 100% Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (P.E.T.). Sharply-Angles Fibres Sweep even Hard-to-Reach Areas . Flagged Fibres Trap Dust & Dirt.
Vileda - Oskar Broom And Dustpan, 1 Each
Ideal to clean shower and windows.Offers a better grip thanks to its ergonomic handle and easy to use.
Vileda - Squeegee, 1 Each
Ergonomic soft grip handle. Arm yourself with a short-handled brush and dustpan sized to perfection for small dirt deposits!
Vileda - Dustpan Set, 1 Each
$7.55was $8.39
The might of Powerfibres to scrub thoroughly and effectively!
Vileda - Vileda Scrub Brush Powerfibres w Hand, 1 Each
The Bee Mop Classic Sponge Mop has a Super Dry Sponge that Allows your Floors to Dry Three Times Faster than Ordinary Sponge Mops.
Vileda - Bee Mop Classic, 1 Each
Combination of cotton for superior absorption and microfibre for tough cleaning. Easy to change refill.
Vileda - Supermop Cotton Microfibres, 1 Each
$9.44was $10.49
2 in 1 sponge refill scrubs and absorbs in a blink. It cleans wood, ceramic and laminate thoroughly and without streaking, making them dry faster, too. For use with the Vileda Multi Bee Mop.
Vileda - Bee Mop Multi - Refill, 1 Each
Removes and Absorbs Tough Dirt. 100% Microfibre, Optimal Absorbency, Machine Washable.
Vileda - Easy Wring Refill, 1 Each
Easy-to-use, built-in ratchet-twist system wrings out more water and keeps hands dry. Double tail bands prevent tangling and shape strings in a large circle.
Vileda - Micro Twist Mop, 1 Each
$16.19was $17.99
A fresh refill as needed for pans and dishes that twinkle without muss or scuff!
Vileda - Dish Scrunge Refill, 2 Each
$3.99$2.00 each
Comfortable handle keeps hands clean while cleaning tough baked-on messes. Handle fills with dish soap for easy dispensing.Teardrop shape pads get into corners. Clean without scratching dishware.
Vileda - Scrunge Dishwand with 2 Sponges, 1 Each
Removes stubborn dirt and provides great absorbency.
Vileda - Fibro Contact Mop, 1 Each
Triple Action Cleaning with a Machine Washable Refill.
Vileda - Super Twist Mop, 1 Each
Sponge and Scrubber in One Pad.
Vileda - Soft Scrub Sponge, 3 Each
$2.69was $2.99$0.90 each
Antimicrobial Bristles Prevent Bacterial Growth Causing Bad Odours (Silver Ion Technology).
Vileda - Powerfibres Enclosed Toilet Set, 1 Each
Cleans Glass Ceramic Cooktops without Scratching.
Vileda - Glass Ceramic Scrunge, 2 Each
$5.49$2.75 each
features a refillable bottle so you can choose your own cleaning solution and uses the power of microfiber to capture and hold dirt, dust and grime! It is great for cleaning all floors in your home.
Vileda - ProMist Max Srpay Mop, 1 Each
15-litre graduated rectangular bucket specially designed to fit the Bee Mop and with Pouring Tip.
Vileda - Bee Pail 15L, 1 Each
Tough Cleaning Microfibre and Absorbent Cotton Blend.
Vileda - Supermop Cotton Microfibres Refill, 1 Each
$8.54was $9.49
Make pots and pans sparkle while keeping germs at bay!
Vileda - Powerfibres Pots & Pan Brush, 1 Each
Long Lasting Stainless Steel Scrubbing Pad. Removes Tough Stains and Grime.
Vileda - Power Pad Heavy Duty, 1 Each
$3.50was $3.89
Effectively remove dirt from all your kitchen accessories!
Vileda - Powerfibres Dish and Sink Brush, 1 Each
Eliminate stuck on residue and stains from narrower and more difficult-to-wash glassware and containers!
Vileda - Powerfibres Glass/Bottle Brush, 1 Each
For use with all Fibro Contact mops. Provides multi surface cleaning. Can be used for wet and dry cleaning. Machine washable.
Vileda - Fibro Contact Mop - Refill, 1 Each