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Check in on your Medical Treatment

Your pharmacist is an important part of your healthcare team. In addition to dispensing your medications, pharmacists can play an important role in monitoring and managing your prescriptions to ensure any medical treatments you’re receiving are safe and effective. They can work closely with your doctor to prevent medication interactions and tailor treatment to your unique health needs.

If you take several medications, we recommend that you book a medication check-up with our pharmacist at least once or twice a year to:
      • Review and update your medication list
      • Identify and resolve any potential medication-related concerns
      • Develop a personalized care plan
      • Review any chronic health conditions
      • Update your vaccination history
Over-the Counter Medication Consultation

Although they’re available without a prescription, some over-the-counter medications are unsafe for people with certain health conditions or on prescriptions. Our pharmacists can advise on which non-prescription medications are okay to take given your unique circumstances. They can also provide guidance on how and when to take your medications, and how to store them properly.

Questions? Your pharmacist is always here to help.