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Take your best shot against the flu.

Our pharmacies help keep the communities in which we operate healthy through cold and flu season with flu shot clinics.

Who Should Get the Flu Shot—and Why?

According to Health Canada, everyone over six months should receive the flu vaccine. Getting a flu shot protects not just you, but also reduces the risk for people around you who are particularly vulnerable to complications from the flu, such as the elderly, very young children and people with chronic health conditions. By taking measures to reduce your chances of catching the flu, you also avoid passing it on to those around you.

It is particularly important for the following to receive a vaccination:
      • Pregnant women
      • Adults over the age of 65
      • People with chronic health conditions (e.g., cancer, diabetes, heart, lung or kidney disorders)
      • People who work with vulnerable individuals (e.g., school teachers and people who work in hospitals)
Please note that not all flu vaccines are as effective in adults 65 years and older. Ask our pharmacist about high-dose vaccines specially formulated for older adults.

How To Get Your Flu Shot

Speak with your pharmacist to learn more.