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DNA Testing

Get medical advice as unique as you are

You’re one-of-a-kind. Your healthcare treatment should be, too. Taking a DNA test allows your healthcare team to provide personalized guidance based on your singular circumstances. There are two types of DNA tests—one for managing your medications and one for your fitness, diet and overall wellness.

DNA Testing for Medication Management

Your genes can tell us a lot about your unique biological conditions, from your heart health to your mental health. Optimizing your treatment based on that information can help prevent unwanted side effects and determine which medications are best suited to you.

DNA Testing for Lifestyle Management

What do your genes say about your personal fitness and overall wellness? A DNA test can help you understand factors like fat burning, weight and appetite, body size, and endurance on a hyper-personalized level, allowing you to make health and lifestyle choices that work for you.

Interested in what your genes say about your health? Book a test today.

Please note that this service is available in select locations.