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Streamline your Medication Administration

Managing your Meds
To get the most out of your medications, you should take them exactly as prescribed. But it can be easy to forget, especially if your medications have complicated administration schedules, or if there are a number of them to take. The good news? We can help with that.

What is medication reminder packaging?
Also known as blister packaging, bubble packing or compliance packaging, medication reminder packaging is a way of preparing your medications so they can be dispensed in single-dose units. For example, say you take multiple medications at various times of day. Your pharmacist can package a week’s worth of medications on a blister pack card where each dose has its own bubble, so taking your medication is a breeze!

These reminder packages can be customized to meet your personal needs, whatever your dosage schedule is.

Who is medication reminder packaging for?
Our pharmacists find that this method of administering medication can be particularly helpful for:
    • People who have a history of forgetting to take their medicines
    • People who live alone and have no one to help them remember to take their medicines
    • People who have a complex medication schedule
    • People who take multiple medications
    • People with a physical or mental disability
    • People with language or literacy issues that make it difficult to read and understand the dosing directions on prescription bottle labels
    • Caregivers who are helping to care for more than one person
To find out more, book a medication check-up with your pharmacist.