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I-MEI - Glutinous Rice Ball Sesame, 200 Gram, $4.99

The sweet sesame filling combined with the chewy glutinous rice exterior.

I-MEI - Glutinous Rice Ball Sesame, 200 Gram
I-MEI - Glutinous Rice Ball Sesame, 200 GramOpen product description

Lawler's - Mini Cheesecake, 24 Each, $15.99

A decadently delicious bite size dessert - perfect for entertaining or just enjoying a little something special. Smooth and creamy New York that melts in your mouth, Caramel Chocolate Chip on a chocolate graham crust with real chocolate chips and creamy caramel and White Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake that blends two favorites in one. Eight pieces of each variety lets everyone enjoy their favorite. All three varieties are made with real cream cheese, no artificial colours or flavours and no high fructose corn syrup.<br />

Lawler's - Mini Cheesecake, 24 Each
Lawler's - Mini Cheesecake, 24 EachOpen product description
$15.99$0.67 each