Healthy eating starts in the grocery aisles

Request a Virtual Nutrition Tour

Our stores offer thousands of choices and it can be hard to know what to buy to keep you and your family healthy. Fresh or frozen? Plant-based alternatives? Shopping on a budget? And what about fats, protein, sugars, and fibre? Our Nutrition Tours can help you sort it all out.

We are pleased to continue offering Virtual Nutrition Tours for adults and school groups. Our team of Registered Dietitians will host interactive virtual sessions to show you how to tackle food labels, how to make healthy food choices, and how to meet special dietary requirements.

Our Adult Virtual Nutrition Tours require a minimum of 7 participants and are offered for free to More Rewards card members. Tours are available for organized groups such as university and post-secondary classes, community health programs, newcomer and settlement programs, English-language programs, workplace wellness programs and other community groups.

Our kids and school group Virtual Nutrition Tours are also free of charge, and are available for Kindergarten through Grade 12 school groups as well as organized youth clubs and sports groups.

For additional information, please see our FAQ section below.

Please fill in and submit the Virtual Nutrition Tour request form below. One of our Dietitians will be in touch to confirm your tour request.


When will the in-store Nutrition Tours return?
We anticipate the Nutrition Tours will remain virtual until the end of September 2022.

How does a virtual Nutrition Tour work?

Our Dietitians will host live online Nutrition Tours. They will guide you through a virtual grocery store tour, using on-screen presentations to highlight a variety of foods, nutrition labels and healthy eating messages.

Do I need any special equipment?
You will require internet or Wi-Fi access, and can participate on your computer or smart phone.

How do I join the virtual Nutrition Tour?
The Dietitian will send you an invitation link via email. Just before the scheduled Nutrition Tour starts, you will click on the link and follow a few simple instructions to join the meeting.

Can I ask questions during the virtual Nutrition Tour?
Yes. You will be able to ask questions throughout the virtual session, or at designated times.

How long does each virtual Nutrition Tour take?
Most virtual Nutrition Tours will be 45-60 minutes. Specific requests can be arranged ahead of time with your host Dietitian.

Can I attend a virtual Nutrition Tour on my own?
Our virtual Nutrition Tours are available for groups of 7 or more. If you are not part of an organized group, consider creating your own group by inviting your adult family members or friends to join you.

What does a school group virtual Nutrition Tour look like?
Our Dietitians will provide age-appropriate nutrition education including discussions about a variety of foods, the nutrients they contain, and how food contributes to health. Your host Dietitian will contact you ahead of time to discuss any specific requests, including details of your classroom setting.

I am a Girl Guides leader. Can I have my group attend a virtual Nutrition Tour?
Yes. In addition to school classes, our kids Nutrition Tours are available to clubs, sports teams and any organized group with kids aged five and older. Requests for specific content or tour times can be discussed with your host Dietitian ahead of time.