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Mental Health Services
Save-On-Foods has partnered with the BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions to promote the safer use of prescription opioids in all of our pharmacies across the province. The next time you visit our pharmacy, ask our pharmacist how to prevent and respond to an overdose.
Click here for more information

Diabetes Management Services
Managing your diabetes not only includes controlling your blood sugar but taking your medications regularly. Call your Save-On-Foods pharmacy to schedule your appointment for a medication check-up. Some of our stores also have certified diabetes educators who can help you along your diabetes journey.
Click here to find your local C.D.E.

Travel Health and Routine Vaccination Service

Our pharmacies offer vaccinations for you and your family, an important preventive measure. We offer the following:
Shingles Vaccine
Hepatitis A & B
Routine booster and other travel vaccinations

To schedule an injection or to learn more, please contact your Save-On-Foods pharmacist. Some restrictions may apply

Medication Check-up Service

Understanding your medications and health conditions may help you get the most out of your medicines and reduce your risk of long-term complications. Call our pharmacy to schedule your appointment for a medication check-up.

Consider meeting at least once every 6 months for a medication check-up. If you feel you need support regarding your medication, at any time, our pharmacist is available to help.

Your pharmacist will:

• Identify and resolve any potential medication concerns
• Explain how to effectively manage your medications
• Provide general health and lifestyle tips

Medication Reminder Pack Program

If you consistently forget to take your pills, why not have them dispensed in our medication reminder pack? This bubble pack system is designed to eliminate confusion and allow you to keep track of your medications

Smoking Cessation Program

Join our Smoking Cessation program where you’ll receive lifestyle tips to assist you in quitting. Receive educational tools, nutrition tips, personalized counseling and much more.

Specialty Compounding Services

An increasing number of people have individual health needs that off-the-shelf medication cannot meet. For these patients, customized medications that are prescribed by a doctor and specially formulated by a licensed compounding pharmacist may be a viable option.

Sharps and Medication Disposal Program

Check your medicine cabinet for unused medications and bring them in to your local pharmacy for environmentally responsible disposal. We dispose of sharps as well. Some restrictions may apply. Talk to your pharmacist for more details.